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Extreme Fisting - She’s ready to get some lessons

Blonde like an angel, but hell, she’s no angel! Nyomi is here, she’s a young teen and she’s ready to get some lessons from sex education. Let’s begin with the good ol’ pussy stretching excercises, should we? You’d better check out the free fisting pictures here!

Extreme Fisting - Bonnie & Brittney Fisting, Squirting
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Bonnie & Brittney
Actions: Fisting, Squirting

Holy Fuck. This is one crazy movie. I think these 2 girls were actually born just to do porn movies together. I loved there one on AllInternal and now this one. Fuck me…

There is some crazy shit in this one. Bonnie takes a whole fist up her ass hole which is just crazy, but she also manages to fit a hand up her snatch at the same time. She squirts as well, and Brittney must love the taste of it.

A brilliant bit is where Brittney is pounding Bonnie’s snatch with a massive dildo, and when Bonnie squirts she Brittney catches it in her mouth and sprays it in Bonnies face. This happens repeatedly, and Bonnie squirts so much I think she might need to see a doctor.

The fisting is great, nice and deep. These girls take no prisoners.

Fucking 9.5/10 :wink:

Candy & Missy Fisting

April 18th, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Candy & Missy Fisting
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Candy & Missy
Actions: Fisting

Well, Candy is back and sexier than ever and she also has a nice friend.

I really couldn’t imagine Missy’s fist going in Candy, but she manages to get it up there. This is great, we got plenty of time to admire her beautiful pussy. Missy getting fisted is great as well. She takes it fast and deep.

Another great bit is the vagina licking. God I love watching 2 girls make out with each other.


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Extreme Fisting - Clara G & Peaches Fisting, Squirting
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Clara G & Peaches
Actions: Fisting, Squirting


Face: A+
Body: A+
Charm: A+
Sex A

(A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich)

This video is the first FistFlush video I have seen. I’ve never really been a fan of fisting videos. What compelled me to download it was the starlets involved: Clara G and Peaches. These two girls belong on the A+ List of talent Perfect Gonzo has had the pleasure of shooting over the years. Watching these girls doing extreme lesbian sex acts on each other was downright amazing. I especially like when Peaches was doggie-fisting (did I just make up a new term?) Clara G while spanking her with her free handat 29:43. Talk about multitasking. I also liked that the girls had chemistry and were talking dirty to each other.

Hot girls. cute action. Very kinky. Even if fisting is not your thing, this video is memorable. I’ll definitely check out more vids from Fist Flush after watching this one. Kudos to the guys at PG for bringing us something new.

Highly recommended.


Extreme Fisting - Bonnie & Brittney Fisting, Squirting
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Bonnie & Brittney
Actions: Fisting, Squirting

Always great to see a new site up from the boys at PerfectGonzo. This time we have FistFlush, which one would assume is all about fisting! Luckily for us, we have great potential in this flick with Bonnie, the MILF anal queen, and Britney, a teen anal queen. One can only guess what is in store as the movie opens with these two hotties sitting side by side.

Bonnie makes Britney choke her and slap her face. Britney’s top comes down soon after to reveal lovely ample breasts. The girls take turns spitting on each other’s faces and there’s some spanking too. Britney starts sucking on Bonnie’s nipples and rubbing her pussy. Bonnie lays down on the couch and Britney wastes no time eating that cunt up and fingering her until she squirts all over the place.

Britney’s leather pants come down and Bonnie starts eating out this cutie’s asshole. Lots of nice views of Britney’s ass here as Bonnie rims her and licks her pussy. Bonnie then gets a rather monster dildo which she shoves in and out of Britney’s slit pretty forcefully. This small girl can really take it! It’s pulled out and both girls suck on it, tasting Britney’s juices. Britney again fingers Bonnie until she squirts, this time all over her mouth! Very sexy.

We then get what this site is all about, Bonnie in spoon, and Britney taking her fist and shoving it right up her ass! This is incredible stuff, as Britney moves that hand of hers in and out of Bonnie’s butthole. Before long, she uses her left hand to fist Bonnie’s pussy. That’s right, double fisting time! As she pulls out of her pussy, Bonnie lets loose another stream of ejaculate for our viewing pleasure.

It’s Britney’s turn now. She’s laying on her back, and Bonnie spreads her cunt wide to allow her fist access. The fisting commences, but we get another twist as the dildo from earlier is brought back and put in as well! Amazing! Her hole must be stretched to the max.

Bonnie then gets some more anal fisting, and this time gets DPd as Britney takes the dildo and puts it in her twat. And yes, Bonnie squirts again. The scene’s last shot is Britney getting vaginally fisted while on her back on a lounge chair, Bonnie really gives it to her good. They kiss and it fades to black.

It’s gonna be tough to top this scene as this site evolves. Anal fisting, double fisting, DP fisting, this one had it all. Two wonderful performers stretching their boundaries.

Great start.


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Extreme Fisting - Clara G & Peaches Fisting, Squirting
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Clara G & Peaches
Actions: Fisting, Squirting

Short Version: Clara, a beautiful blonde bitch, and Peaches, a sweet-looking brunette, take each other on in a no-holds barred lipstick lesbian fuck-fest, featuring full vaginal fisting by both girls.

Highlights: The video starts off with a fun, flirty interview that is fun to watch. Both of these girls are comfortable with each other and before the camera. The talking becomes a part of the performance with the girls telling each other what they want to do to each other throughout the video. The cameraman does a nice job of contributing but staying out of the way. At 17:00 the playing ends and the real lesbian sex begins with Clara intently licking Peaches pussy in various positions. At 20:00, the two girls use their fingers to open Peaches pussy wide. Hmmm…something is going on here. At 20:30, Peaches tells Clara to use her favorite lube, which Clara does – all over her hand. Clara spreads some of the lube on Peaches pussy, and starts a slow, fascinating scene that results in Clara’s entire hand inside Peaches pussy at 21:50. Clara says, “Spread that chick!” as she fists her. Peaches eventually joins in the fisting fun, inserting her own hand inside her stretched cunt. It’s freaking amazing! The video continues with Peaches fisting Clara’s pussy until Clara squirts pee all over her hand. The concluding scene has both girls lying on their backs, fisting their own pussies, with monster smiles on their faces.

Who Fisted Who: Clara fisted Peaches, then Peaches fisted Peaches, then Peaches fisted Clara, then Clara fisted Clara, then they each fisted themselves. Whew!

Drawbacks: Can’t think of one except that no male cum is spewed (visibly) throughout the whole scene. I’m sure that lots is going to be spilled once you all see this video!

Random Thoughts: I’m not sure if it hot or just freaky but it sure is something to watch! :shock: :twisted:

Extreme Fisting - Stretched Holes Make Them Moan

You know, I don’t know what is about them but stretched pussies and asses really turn me on.  I don’t know if it is the fact that the babez will go to such extremes to get their thrills or if is the fact that their pussies and asses can take such extreme punishment.  Either way, [...]

Why is fisting so exciting?

April 14th, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Why is fisting so exciting?

Why is fisting so exciting? Just because an ordinary guy doesn’t usually get the chance to probe a wet teen pussy, to insert his whole hand in, to see it pulsate, to see how wide-open it grown and examine the cervix as well… So, get ready for the ultimate fisting lesson from our fist-teachers!

Sandy’s Extremes

April 8th, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Sandy’s Extremes

Sandy likes extremes like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and white water rafting. But she takes her extremes into the bedroom as well. Ok, not always in the bedroom but definitely in her sex life. She likes anything that really makes her feel like she’s been screwed properly.
One of Sandy’s favorite sexual activities is extreme stretching. [...]

Freak For Pain and Pleasure

March 31st, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Freak For Pain and Pleasure

This lady is such a freak for pain and pleasure. She likes having her snatch stretched out. The first time I watched her I was totally shocked to she how much they could stretch her kunt but she was really getting off on it. The more they stretched her the hornier she got. They stretched [...]

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