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Extreme Fisting - Clara G & Zafira & Sandy Fisting, Squirting
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Clara G & Zafira & Sandy
Actions: Fisting, Squirting

“You’ve gotta be shittin me!”

No, this is not the name for a new fetish website. It was my reaction when I saw no one has reviewed this video yet.

In this perfect score candidate, we find three pre-legends. Sandy’s a superstar in the girl-girl world, with an extensive resume with Viv Thomas videos. Clara G has knocked it out of the park in every video she has done for this family of websites. Zafira is wanted in three states for making reviewer’s crotches burst into flames.

Now, this is a good example of girls getting into it. In a twister of licking and nibbling, nowhere is safeÂ…or dry. They even go the extra mile of kissing each other on the neck. Wait a sec, I need to go turn down my air conditioner and get a glass of waterÂ…and a fire extinguisher.

The lesbian action at the beginning of the video should be mandatory viewing by upcoming starlets. This educational video should be pointed at as the standard for all girl-girl scenes. They progress from kissing, to snatch eating, to fingering with ease and excitement. They work as if they mean to get each other off, not playing to much to the camera or doing attempting to fake it.

Clara seems to have a thing for blondes. Sandy is the focus of much of her attention. She even makes out with herself in the mirror. They take delicious turns eating each other out and fisting one another. Another plus to this is the ease at which they use each technique. In other videos you can mark the passage of time when the girls go from mouth to finger to fist to wrist. In this one we are assaulted by all three at all times. The camera operator must have had his/her hands full trying to get all of it. P.S. I would like to try too!

The hottest part of the video is when Clara and Zafira are stacked up and Sandy gives them both barrels. Zafira doesn’t seem to get as much attention, even here. Obviously some discrimination exists, even in the porn world. Come to me Zafira, I will give you all the attention you can handle and the restraining order will allow.

Pros: A perfect video. Outside talent, gorgeous girls, and excellent action all around.
Cons: None.

My Score: 5 out of 5, congratulations girls.

- Civ

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Extreme Fisting - Clara G Fisting, Squirting
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Clara G
Actions: Fisting, Squirting

Clara G is looking as sexy as ever with vibrant red lipstick and a matching outfit. This girl is the fisting queen and is obviously horny as hell as she can’t help but slide her hand underneath her pants to play with herself. She bends over and shows off that famous ass of hers. She crawls over to a chair, where she sits and takes off her bra. She pulls off her pants and the scene shifts indoors where she’s on a lounge chaise rubbing her clit.

She takes a large, clear dildo and rubs her vagina with it before inserting it into her wet cunt. She uses her feet to hold the dildo and thrusts it in and out repeatedly. She then places the dildo on the chair and goes into cowgirl, bouncing up and down on it. Very sexy. She puts her legs way up behind her head and uses both hands to fuck herself with the dildo, then pulls it out and starts sucking it deep. Wonderful!

She is then given a bunch of bananas, three to be exact. After sucking one for a bit, she does an amazing thing. She puts two of the bananas in her vagina and one in her asshole. A banana double vag-DP! Unbelievable. She then positions herself with one leg on a chair, ass in the air, and proceeds to fist herself. She then gets into mish position and we get fantastic closeups of her face and vagina as she fists herself even more. Words can’t describe how sexy this is, with her self-fisting, facial expressions, and sexy red shoes all in the same picture. This is hardcore at its finest.

By the end, Clara continues fisting and her vagina starts squirting uncontrollably. She loves it. She spreads her vagina open and shows it to us before saying goodbye.

Fantastic scene, Clara is still a world-class performer. This should not be missed.

Rating: 9.5/10

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Extreme Fisting - Awesome fisting video gallery

Cintia is… well, how to put it. She’s not the apple of her daddy’s eye. She appeared in many porn movies and tabledanced all across Europe for money. She’s not that young, but judging from her "portfolio" we assumed she did a number of fisting as well. It turned out she didn’t so high time he fist squad get into motion!! Anyways, she’s quite a fun personality, so we enjoyed every minute of her visit! Check this free fisting movie gallery!

Very stretchy hole

May 2nd, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Very stretchy hole

All the babes here on this webpage have a very stretchy hole.. or two very stretchy holes ) Free pics and videos are available!

Juicy Holes Get Stretched

April 30th, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Juicy Holes Get Stretched

One of my favorite things to view is a fresh young ho getting stretched out. Large cocks, fingers, hands, toys – whatever it takes. It such a turn on and I love how almost any pussy can take a stretching and then just bounce back into shape.The babez at this site are juicy wet all [...]

Extreme Fisting - Today a really young chick visited us

Today a really young chick visited us, barely legal but naughty as hell. She said she did many wicked things in life so far – except for fisting. Hoo, if Polly wants to broaden her sexual boundaries I’m sure we can show her some of our dirtiest tricks!

Extreme Fisting - Bonnie & Brittney Fisting, Squirting
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Bonnie & Brittney
Actions: Fisting, Squirting

This is one unbelievably sexy and very aggressive fisting movie, these girls don’t hold back anything and push the limits, I think Britney found Bonnies when she tries to push punch fist her ass with a clenched fist. :)
This is the kind of movie that makes you think; omg thats too much.. give me more :)

Extreme Fisting - All the pussies will be stretched out

Welcome again to the ‘teach me fisting’ blog, where all the pussies will be stretched out! Check out these new enormous galleries we have!

Lara & Zafira Fisting

April 22nd, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Lara & Zafira Fisting
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Lara & Zafira
Actions: Fisting

I’ll second that.. They really don’t get much hotter than this. The balance of lesbo and fisting could be better, true also. But damn these girls are pretty! Perhaps (and its probably doubtful but you never know) Lara may move into girl on guy sex or even a sperm swap scene. Anyway, seeing these two in a semi lesbian scene is a worthy distraction in the meantime.

8 / 10

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Lara & Zafira Fisting

April 20th, 2008
Extreme Fisting - Lara & Zafira Fisting
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Lara & Zafira
Actions: Fisting

I remember a time there was a distinct line between a porn actress and girls “too pretty for porn”. My, how times have changed. Not only are these two ultra hot, but they do things to each other that are banned in several states in the U.S. Zafira needs no introduction. I’ve talked about her so much; her name doesn’t appear as a spelling error any more on my computer. Lara is a stunner herself, tall, leggy and horny. These girls start licking each other in a completely unfair manner. Causing balls to ache all over the world. Additionally, the cameraman seems to be a camerawoman. She, like the other camera people can’t keep her hands off these two. Can you blame her? But hey, why aren’t these two kissing and making out? Perhaps it’s hard to kiss someone you’re about to go shoulder deep into their body.

They pet each other sensually, not really getting into the lesbian side of things until later on. The camerawoman squirts milk into Zafira’s pussy. After she squirts it out, they both lick it up off the floor. New? Yes. Strange? Yes. Hot? Yes, but only because it’s these two.

The next scene they are rubbing themselves until they are handed two envy-producing dildos. For “lesbians” these two sure do know how to suck cock, real or not. Finally, Zafira jams her hand into Lara up to her knuckles. After taking turns with the camerawoman, Zafira finally licks Lara’s pussy. This lasts a few seconds, unfortunately. Next, it’s Lara’s turn to go wrist deep into Zafira. Good news, she found the rest of that milk from earlier in the video!

Next they move to the stairs and take off their boots. The camerawoman pisses all over their feet. Thanks?

Zafira goes back to working on Lara and vice versa. Lara eats Zafira out while she fists her. For a cool down Lara wants a kiss, but Zafira doesn’t. Aww.

Pros: They don’t get much hotter than these two.
Cons: Not enough lesbo action.

My Score 3 out of 5

- Civ

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